Centralized Waste Management Plants

Excel Industries is a long standing pioneer in the field of Municipal Solid Waste Management in India. Over a span of 25 years we have developed and perfected a cost-effective and efficient method for the treatment and processing of municipal solid waste. Comprising of a mix of innovative,products processes and proprietary equipment, our systems are extremely effective for waste management of various capacities.

This expertise has found application throughout the world - we have provided technology and inputs for over 12 Centralized MSW treatment and processing plants in India and one in Mauritius. Our plants are capable of treating waste ranging in quantities from 100 to 500 tons of MSW per day. Our flagship plant at Ahmedabad treats up to 500 tons per day and produces rich organic manure branded Celrich.

We utilize a 2 stage Microbial Aided and Accelerated Composting Process.

In the first stage, Excel’s bio-culture Bioculum is used to inoculate the organic component of the unsegregated MSW. Excel’s Sanitreat is used for odour control during the composting process. Following this, a mechanical system is used to size the fully composted fine organic matter from the non-bio degradable recyclable components.

This accelerated aerobic composting process is very well received by the Urban Local Bodies as a low cost, effective and efficient process. It is environmentally feasible and requires minimum power consumption.

Forever on the path of innovation, we are investing in continuous research and development into the field of pre-segregation of various fractions of MSW and further perfect our process for better material recovery. We are evaluating various waste to Energy Technologies to further expand the scope of our technology and services.

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OWC System

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