Organic Compost


Gardening is a bliss. Be it in your backyard, balcony or a tiny window sill,
we know that a shower of green is always welcome.


Richcel comes to your garden with a lot of love and nutrients. Dark, rich and
earthy, Richcel compost is made from the leftover goodness of kitchen waste.
Bundling a little sunshine, a handful of Richcel and a few drops of water, is
sure to your garden a happy and healthy place.




By using 1 kg of Richcel, your are saving about 4 kg of wet
waste from getting dumped at a landfill !




How much to use?

Frequency : Preferably once in a month.


How to store & handle?

Once opened, store in a dry place.
Keep the contents inside the zip lock pouch.
Keep away from children.