Customised Solution

  • Odour Management

    We provide Custom Solutions for odour management on an industrial scale. Our unique smell management system utilizes biological media to clean the air of malodorous components.

    • Chemical industries
    • Pharmaceutical industries
    • Fish processing units
    • Food processing
    • Dairies
    • Biscuit Factories
    • Garbage dump
    • Disaster control

    Sanitreat is Excel’s time-tested and extremely effective odour management product. Sanitreat comes in dry powder form that is ready for manual direct application.

    1.5 to 2 kgs of Sanitreat can be applied to 1 Metric Ton of waste. In just 15 mins Sanitreat makes the waste smell free by controlling the putrefaction process which is responsible for the creation of toxic leachates and gases in organic waste materials.

    Sanitreat also offers you the benefits of being easy to handle and store. The product has a long shelf life of 1.5 years, and is available in a range of sizes for your convenience.

  • Bio Remediation

    The Excel OWC system’s application has been successfully extended for Bio-Remediation of a number of hazardous organic wastes. We have helped our clients significantly reduce or eliminate both waste and hazardous disposal costs.

    The Excel Process is extremely versatile and robust and combined with Excel’s research and development expertise, it has the potential to address even the most challenging waste problems.

    Find out more about how the versatile and robust Excel Process can help your plant overcome its waste disposal challenges contact us today.

  • Urban Farming

    Use your compost to grow your own vegetables! Excel also makes easy to install and maintain terrace and rooftop gardening systems. Cut your carbon footprint while enjoying fresh and pure veggies.

  • Disaster Management

    We have wholeheartedly assisted in disaster management services during natural calamities. We have worked alongside voluntary organizations and sharing our expertise and taking on responsible roles.

    Our bio-culture and odour control products have been shown to successfully treat decaying mass and contain the noxious smell of decaying matter in disaster affected areas. This has facilitated rescue operations by government agencies and voluntary groups. Our odour control services have the further benefit of minimizing the risk of epidemics.

    • Tsunami affected areas in South India.
    • Earthquake affected areas in Kutch and Latur
    • Flood affected areas in Bihar and Morbi (Gujarat).
    • Cyclone affected areas in Orissa.

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