Centralized Waste Management Plants

Mr. R. Srinivasan, Head Engineering, The Himalaya Drugs

“The entire wet waste generated in our campus, about 200-300 kg per day is converted into compost using Excel Industries’ OWC and is used in our 28 acre campus”

Mr. Kishor M. G., Deputy Manager, Soft Services, Orion Mall, Bangalore

“We convert almost 1000kgs of wet waste into manure with the help of Excel’s OWC. In turn our waste is being properly utilised and our premises remain clean.”

Mr. Rohan M. Parikh, VP Head Infrastructure, Infosys

"Our Bangalore campus, with over 20000 employees coming in daily, generates almost 1-2 tonnes of food waste per day. The food waste collected and transported to our organic waste conversion site is converted to compost using Excel’s OWC.”

Dr. P. Satish Chandra, Vice Chancellor, NIMHANS, Bangalore

“With Excel’s OWC we now convert all organic waste from households, canteen and hostel is converted into compost and is further used in our own campus as manure.”

Mr. B. N. Vijay Kumar, MLA, Jaya Nagar, Bangalore

"Using Excel’s OWC, everyday almost 1-2 tonne wet waste is converted into compost.”

Major K. P. Raveendran, Prestige St. Johns Wood Apartment, Bangalore

"Excel’s OWC has helped us a lot. The organic waste collected from all the residents is fed to the OWC and converted into useful manure..”

Mr. B. N. Vijay Kumar, MLA, Jaya Nagar
Mr. B. N. Vijay Kumar, MLA, Jaya Nagar

Bioneer System


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OWC System

owc system

Excel OWC (Organic Waste Convertor) is an easy to use Decentralized Waste Management System to turn large amounts....

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