Why Excel

We are here to serve. Our products and processes are all geared towards supporting our clients and customers through better products and innovation.

How we do it:

Licensed Manufacture

Our facility at Roha has been licensed by Maharashtra FDA to manufacture veterinary APIs, ensuring high standards.

Expertise in Chemistry

We bring 70 years of experience in manufacturing high quality specialty chemicals to veterinary APIs. We embrace innovation and have in-house laboratories for process development and a company culture that prizes new ideas and better processes.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

We have set up a dedicated GMP plant at Roha which is completely equipped to deliver to the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Client Centric Focus

Supporting clients in every need is central to the Excel way of business. We are here to support you and it important to us that we grow with our clients and our clients grow with us.

Wide Range of Products

We manufacture a wide of products that help farmers improve the yields per animal. We have many launches in the pipeline and are constantly innovating and growing.

Long Term Vision

At Excel, we dream big. Our vision for the veterinary industry is global and we are committed to becoming a global supplier of Veterinary APIs.