Quality Assurance

Excel Industries Limited has been a force in the chemical industry for over 7 decades and throughout this time we have earned the trust of clients because of our high quality products and highly responsive service. This zeal for quality is carried forward by Excel Veterinary Healthcare by comprehensively improving the entire manufacturing chain.

High Quality Inputs

To ensure high standards we source a number of key inputs from within the Excel Group and other reputed vendors. Quality checks are stringent and cover all our suppliers.

Rigorous Manufacturing Practices

Our state of the art GMP plant is part of our ISO 9001:2008 facility at Roha. The plant is staffed by fully qualified pharmaceutical professionals. We are committed to following processes and compliance requirements and have set up Stability Chambers to monitor long term stability of products.

Finished product Storage

As part of a large scale Excel facility, Excel Veterinary Healthcare has access to high quality storage facilities thus ensuring that products are stored in optimum conditions.