Both our manufacturing sites (Roha and Lote in Western India) have been designed as swing plants and have the flexibility to manufacture a diverse range of products in commercial quantities. The plants are ISO 9001/14000 certified and go ‘Beyond Compliance’ to ensure global standards of product quality. Our Responsible Care commitments enable us to work in cohesion with our surroundings, continually improving all aspects of Health, Safety and Environmental performance.

We subscribe to the globally accepted OHSAS standard as guidelines for ensuring the health and safety of our workers and employees. We are certified for both OHSAS 18001 and 18002. The focus of our EHS policy is on meeting and exceeding the guidelines laid out and we are wholeheartedly committed to the welfare of our employees, customers, partners and nearby communities.

Research Facilities

Our research infrastructure includes a central research facility in Mumbai as well as site R&D facilities at our manufacturing locations. The facilities are staffed by a dedicated team of highly qualified and experienced technicians, scientists and engineers. The research team is purely focused on developing and refining manufacturing processes in collaboration with our clients and partners.

The research facilities also include pilot plant infrastructure thus helping us to rapidly scale-up lab processes into manufacturing technology.