Alliance Manufacturing

Excel Industries Limited has always distinguished itself as a partner with the knowhow and scale to be a responsive and agile manufacturing partner. Throughout our history, we have developed many products for specific client requirements, especially in critical situations involving challenging timelines. Today, this ethos remains alive in the form of our Alliance Manufacturing model under which we have partnered with Indian and overseas clients to manufacture custom made specialty chemicals spanning a wide spectrum of applications. From Polycarbonate additives to Polyolefin co-catalysts and floatation reagents for the mining industry, we have given clients an end to end source for them all. The entire chain of activity comprising of R & D and process development, lab scale experiments, kilo scale and pilot charges, trial production and commercial level production was carried out by Excel. We were able to establish ourselves as a reliable and in certain cases sole supply partner for these specialty chemicals. The extent of success which we have been able to achieve in our Alliance Manufacturing Programme is illustrated by the following examples:

  • Case 1: Manufacturing of a critical co-catalyst for production of polymers.

    A leading petrochemical company in India was scouting for an indigenous supplier for a critical co-catalyst required in the production of a polymer manufactured by them. We were able to develop the product for them. The entire cycle from initial synthesis in the lab to successful commercial production was completed in a very short period of time. We were able to establish ourselves with the client as a reliable supplier of this co-catalyst. We have been servicing this requirement for a decade now.

  • Case 2: process innovation - making a conventional process more environmentally friendly

    A leading government owned integrated energy and chemicals company in South Africa was interested in developing a reliable source for a floatation reagent required by their client in Australia. The challenge was that the solvent used conventionally for this product was not environment friendly. Our R & D efforts resulted in establishment of a process using an alternative, environment friendly solvent. We were able to meet the expectation of the customer. Today, we are the sole supplier of this reagent to the Australian Mining company.

  • Case 3: Development of branching agent for polycarbonate.

    In early 2000, a large polycarbonate producer enquired with us for supply of a branching agent. We not only had to develop the product in-house but also had to demonstrate our compliance to the rigorous Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) standards of the client. We were able to gear ourselves up and fulfill all the requirements. Today, we are the major supplier of this additive to the client.