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1) Mining

EIL provides specialty chemicals and solutions for Ore beneficiation processes, Hydrometallurgical applications, Precious metals recovery applications.

Phosphonates in Hydrometallurgy

In hydrometallurgy, mineral concentrates are separated into usable oxides and metals through liquid processes, including leaching, extraction, and precipitation. By these means, the elements are dissolved and purified into leach solutions.

Each individual phosphonate has unique characteristics and special capabilities for specific applications – thus each giving the most cost-efficient performance for different specific applications.

Application of Phosphonates is in ore beneficiation in both Leaching and precipitation.

Leaching: Phosphonates plays important role in selective complex formation by forming of soluble complex with impurity for selective and effective separation.

Precipitation: Phosphonates is used in formation of insoluble form which is separated by filtration.

Phosphonate properties:

  • Threshold inhibition
  • Chelation: Ability to form stable complexes with various metal ion
  • Ability to remains stable at various temperature & pH

Products offered by Excel:

2) Mineral Washing Process:

Codex phosphonates can be used for process water treatment in the mining industries.

Codex phosphonates can be used in several metal cleaning applications. In formulation, they are valuable for their effectiveness in removing rust and other oxides from steel surfaces; they are also very efficient in removing calcium carbonate/metal oxide mixtures from steel. An added benefit in Codex-based oxide removal systems is the simultaneous metal passivation that occurs. Codex phosphonates are well suited to cleaner applications because of their ability to work at a wide range of temperatures and pH levels and because of their hydrolytic stability.

  • Removal of CaCO3
    • Codex 661
    • Codex 4503
  • Removal of Rust & Metal Oxide
    • Codex 661
    • Codex 4503
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