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Industrial & Institutional Cleaners

Industrial & Institutional cleaning products are formulated to meet the needs of a large and diverse market; segments include janitorial, health care, food processing, food service, textile maintenance and vehicle cleaning. The multi-functional Codex phosphonates have several properties which improves the performance of cleaning formulation:

  1. They are excellent chelants and can be used to control hardness ions, such as calcium, magnesium and iron.
  2. They are very effective scale inhibitors at very low levels, reducing scale buildup caused by calcium carbonate.
  3. They act as dispersants and so keep soils suspended.
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Dairy Cleaners :

Codex phosphonates perform exceptionally well in cleaning products for the dairy industry. They are well-suited for use in dairy formulations because of their ability to work at virtually any temperature and pH level and because of their resistance to chemical degradation. They are used to:

  1. Prevent calcium scale buildup by threshold inhibition.
  2. Improve washing effectiveness by chelation and dispersion.
  3. Inhibit spotting and staining of metal surfaces (chelation and scale inhibition)
  • CaCO3 Scale Inhibition
    • Codex 8503
    • Codex 9403
  • Chelation
    • Codex 8503
    • Codex 9403
  • Pipeline Cleaning
    • Codex 8503
    • Codex 9403

Vehicle Wash :

The multi-functionality of the Codex phosphonates make them well suited to formulation in vehicle wash products. Threshold activity against hardness metal ions (calcium and magnesium) guard against the formation of hard water scum.

  1. Sequestration of heavy metals aids overall detergency and cleaning ability.
  2. Dispersancy prevents redeposition of soils on vehicle surfaces.
  3. Corrosion inhibition not only offers protection of aluminium alloys, but may also aid in brightening of aluminium.

Codex phosphonates have a high solubility in liquids, making them a preferred component in many newer liquid vehicle wash products.

  • Scale Inhibition
    • Codex 4503
    • Codex 5323
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Bottle Washing :

A good bottle washing formulation has to remove all types of soils, keep them dispersed, sequester metals to prevent scale formation, aid in label removal and promote good rinsing.

Codex phosphonateshave the following functions:

  1. Codex phosphonates provide metal ion control by sequestration in the washing stage. Prevention of clogged pipes and heat exchangers is achieved.
  2. Codex phosphonates contribute to better washing because of dispersion and maintenance of soils in suspension.
  3. Codex phosphonates inhibit spotting and hazy appearance of bottles by preventing soil and some chemical additives form depositions on bottles and the equipment.
  4. Codex phosphonates prevent the scale build-up in the rinse sections of production washers. Their threshold scale inhibition is at work here.
  • Antiscalant for rincing section
    • Codex 8503
    • Codex 661
    • Antiscalant / Dispercent for warm and hot caustic tank
    • Codex 8503
  • Prevention of spoting / staining on bottle
    • Codex 8503
    • Codex 661

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