In-house research and development efforts are the backbone of our culture of innovation. We have invested in facilities dedicated for developing chemical technologies within the company.

Our major manufacturing sites at Roha and Lote are supported by dedicated research labs and Pilot Plant infrastructure. We also have a research lab at our corporate headquarters in Mumbai. These facilities are separate from our QC labs, which are also present at all the plants.

Our long history is full of instances when our research capabilities led to significant breakthroughs for our clients and for India. We are in the process of developing these capabilities even further. We have entered into a number of new business streams with a wide basket of high quality products. Through our Alliance Manufacturing Programme, we have partnered with leading companies worldwide to develop and manufacture critical specialty inputs.

Our future will be built on our innovations and technology. With new product streams and a new energy, we are ready to take our journey of growth to the next level.

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