We firmly believe that long term corporate success has its roots in strong value based growth. Our values are the ideas that define us and drive us, that inform our vision of the future and the means with which we will realize this vision.


Agility and adaptability are essential qualities for a modern corporation. In a world where technology and market conditions are constantly in a state of flux, it is our ability to change that helps us emerge stronger.


To balance the needs of others with our growth it is essential that we first understand their concerns. From senior management to the worker on the factory floor, everyone at the Excel Family is committed to making a difference to our larger goals and it all begins with a sympathetic ear and an open mind.


From research to manufacturing, from factory floor to shipped goods, we strive for excellence in every facet of our operations.


We are proud of our heritage and the ideals that have enabled our growth. As we poise for our next phase of growth, our company traditions and values will be our guiding lights.

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