Since Excel’s foundation in 1941, we have focused on creating socially relevant products. Our culture of innovation has been motivated by this mission to create the most high quality products through indigenous knowhow. In this we have proactively sought challenges and faced them confidently.

The Indian chemical market was in turmoil during the first few years of our inception. Chemical inputs were largely imported to India during that time and were extremely difficult to find due to the war. Excel was founded by Shri C.C Shroff to develop critical inputs indigenously. Shortage of raw materials and low costs compelled us to innovate from the very start.

Post independence, we renewed our commitment to the nation. We started the production of agrochemicals to benefit India’s agrarian society. Over time we developed technology and expertise for complete backward integration of agrochemical production starting from raw phosphorus all the way to the final product. Our developments significantly cut down on imports and saved a fledgling India's vital foreign exchange.

Our values also guided us into entering the Environment and Biotech business. We seek to address India’s increasing solid waste disposal problems. We have developed a number of technologies for waste management.

As we move ahead into a new phase of growth and new directions the philosophy of “contribution to society by innovation in chemistry, science and business” given to us by our founders and elders continues to inspire and motivate us in all our endeavours.

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