Energy Policy

We, at Excel Industries Limited, are committed to conserving energy and natural resources in all our processes and activities.

We shall accomplish it through:

  • Enhancing awareness of all members of Excel family towards energy and resource conservation and building competence to conserve through appropriate training.
  • Maintaining Energy Conservation Cell to coordinate Energy conservation activities:
  • Through review of monitoring and reporting systems and modifications
  • Providing common platform for information sharing, comparing energy consumption norms within the organization, with neighbors and with international norms
  • Considering substitution with renewable energy sources where appropriate
  • Ensuring management participation and budgetary support to energy management activities
  • Setting targets for reduction in specific energy consumption and developing action plans to achieve them.
  • Seeking and exploring energy conservation opportunities through activities like energy balance studies, monitoring of utility equipments, evaluation of specific energy consumption of processes and experimental changes in energy sources.

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