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  • Epicel : A nutrient mobilizer to enhance productivity of land

    To mobilize nutrients in soil and make them available for plants

    Fertilizer use in crop management can yield improvement with limited results. Excess nutrients get fixed in soil and affect productivity negatively. Soil depleted of organic matter can yield limited performance.

    In order to improve productivity, efficient use of these nutrients is achieved by Epicel. It mobilizes the fixed nutrients and makes them available to the crop. A completely water-soluble product that can be applied near root zone in multiple ways to achieve enhancement in crop productivity.

    Land is the resource that cannot be increased easily. Usage of Epicel enhances productivity of the land. Epicel stays in the soil for 75 days. It gets gradually degraded after this timeline. For any crop growing on the soil, Epicel is a unique solution to achieve enhancement of farmer’s income.

  • Xscalent : A drip system Cleaner , safe for crop, soil and Humans

    Drip systems are used for saving water, for enhancing fertiliser productivity and weed control.

    Drip system emitter nozzles as well as the whole system can get plugged up by the scales due to hardness of water. Quality of water used decides the kind & extent of plugging of the system. A safest solution to get rid of this problem is Xscalent. Xscalent is safe for farmers, drip systems as well as crops. It can be used on standing crops too. Removal and replacement of end caps or pipeline is not necessary. Xscalent has no phytotoxicity and does not harm soil. It is the product which can clean inline drippers too.

  • Celjal : A solution to problematic water in agriculture

    A Solution to water problems

    All over India, Water availability for agri applications is best during monsoon .All other times, it is through ground water. Ground water has many problems which affect efficacy of agricultural inputs negatively and farmer is at a loss.

    Celjal is the solution to restore the performance of agri inputs like fungicides, weedicides, pesticides, bio-stimulants etc.

    At the rate of 1ml/Litre of water, efficiency of agri products to be delivered through water is restored.

  • Varshacel : Water Conditioner for Irrigation Water

    Get performance of “rain” water with Irrigation water

    During monsoon, the crops get the water in purest form. Rain water with lowest possible dissolved solids can pick-up nutrients in soil easily to be made available to roots of crop.

    After the monsoon is over, ground water through Canal or well is used for irrigation. This water is already saturated and may not be able to pick-up nutrients as efficiently as a rain water.

    Varshacel is able to enhance this capacity of the irrigation water and enables it to pick-up the nutrients from soil to provide it to roots of crop.

    1 Kg of Varshacel is able to treat 200,000 Liters of water.

  • Bioculum AW : Culture to convert agri-waste to compost without weed and insects.

    Biological inoculant for Agricultural Waste


    Bioculum AW is a microbes’ culture specially developed for aerobic decomposition of agricultural waste by aerobic process. It contains microorganisms to facilitate bio conversion of agro waste in to bio stabilised compost speedily . Nutrient rich compost with correct C: N ratio can be produced within one month period.

    During the process microbes’ increase the temperature of decomposing mass significantly that kills most of the pathogens and insect eggs present in the waste. The process also decomposes weed seeds to ensure the end product to be free of pathogens, insects and weeds.

    The finished compost can be used for enriching soil with beneficial microbes, nutrients and carbon.

  • Bioculum MSW : Culture to convert City-Waste to compost within a short time

    Biological Inoculant for City Waste

    Most of the solid waste collected by Municipalities comprises degradable organic components. If they are allowed to degrade naturally, they can emit odour and help pathogens grow to cause health risk. This hazard to urban population needs to be controlled by aerobic decomposition of the organic waste. Aerobic decomposition of Municipal Organic waste is best managed by Bioculum-MSW. Bioculum-MSW is combination microbes’ culture specially developed to treat all kind of organic substances usually found in city waste.

    Special process developed by Excel Industries Ltd. Can complete the process in about 18 days and the compost can then be cured for next 10 to12 days.

    The end product is found to be free of pathogens, full of nutrients and can pass FCO norms for the category.

  • Richcel - Bioenriched : Compost enriched with microbes

    Compost enriched with beneficial microbes' - A FCO Compliant product

    For providing organic carbon with beneficial nutrients in organic form back to soil a special nutrient compost is manufactured by Excel Industries Ltd. During soil preparation and during intensive cropping the compost helps is boosting health and productivity of the crop. Special microbes help fix nitrogen and solubilise phosphorus to enhance nutrient uptake.

    A special product by Excel Industries Ltd. is designed to provide immense benefit to farmers. One who tries it once shall always rely on Richcel-Bioenriched.

    One who tries it once shall always rely on Richcel-Bioenriched.

  • Richcel - PROM : Phosphate rich organic fertiliser

    Phosphate Rich Organic Manure - A FCO compliant product

    Compost enriched with PSB and Phosphates rich components.

    A compost rich in carbon, Phosphorus and other nutrients in organic form. Richcel-PROM is very powerful combination in organic form which can work better than inorganic fertilisers and hence offer best returns on investment to farmers. A special product by Excel Industries Ltd. is designed to provide immense benefit to farmers.

    One who tries it once shall always rely on Richcel-PROM

  • Herbocel : A fragrant emulsion to spread freshness free of insects

    Fragrant, Surface application and fogging liquid with Natural ingredients to repel insects

    An Emulsion of natural Essential oils to produce a pleasant fragrance that can be used as spray or as surface mopping liquid. It is bound to repel flying insects by way of its natural property and the fragrance. A highly concentrated formulation is offered by Excel Industries Ltd. so as to offer the performance for longer time.

  • Sanitreat : Odour masking solution for odour from organic sources

    Odour masking solution for any organic odour

    Odour forming organic matter can be taken care by Sanitreat ® .. Dusting of 5 gm of Sanitreat ® on a sq.ft. of surface can trap the odour below the layer of Sanitreat ®.

    Any garbage dump or rotting organic body can be masked for odour with Sanitreat ® . Till the time the source of odour is covered by Sanitreat ® odour does not escape .

    Prominent applications include garbage dumps, composting pits, dead animals etc . Regular usage by Hospitality/Restaurants can make their dumps odour free.

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